Onida elevators, one of the leading elevator suppliers in India, We are service oriented company at the core and offers free after sales service in the first year of product purchase. After that, the clients are entitled to enter our Annual Maintenance Service deal which effectively negates any chances of service lapse. Our elevator experts will help you configure the best solution for your specific needs. They’ll also ensure your project’s success, from design and installation.

Elevator Repair & Maintenance Service

Our reliable and professional maintenance team ensures that Onida’s vertical transportation are safe, comfortable and provide best travel experience at all times. We also provide best in industry service response through dedicated maintenance teams to ensure maximum customer delight. Our service routine includes regular inspections, internal cleaning, lubrication of moving parts and planned preventative maintenance that ensure all safeties are systematically checked and adjusted to keep the elevator operating in a safe efficient and reliable condition.

Elevator Installation Service

Onida Elevators have team of qualified and experienced technicians supports us in our Service Division to ensure that the quality of workmanship and performance are of a high standard, through the diligent supervision of installation, testing and adjustment work. Our team strives to be in and out of your house in one day.

Elevator & Escalator AMC Contract

We will be providing stand by support for the Elevators, under our Elevator Annual Maintenance Contract. Our comprehensive Elevator Maintenance service program helps to keep Elevator in minimum down time at reasonable cost. Our Engineer visits for any problem and routine Preventive maintenance for Elevator under our Elevator Annual Maintenance Contract.